Arli$ (HBO)

Arli$ (HBO)

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"Arli$" is back! The cult classic HBO comedy series that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the glitzy, big-money world of professional sports stars Robert Wuhl as the eternally optimistic and endlessly resourceful L.A. sports agent whose Achilles' heel is his inability to say "no" to clients and employees.


Robert Wuhl stars as eternally optimistic and endlessly resourceful L.A. sports agent Arliss Michaels in this cult classic HBO series.

A Man of Our Times
1. A Man of Our Times

In the pilot episode, Arliss reflects on his life as a 'superagent' during a din...

Negotiating: It's Never Personal
2. Negotiating: It's Never Personal

A feud causes Arliss to launch a full-court press to represent a teen basketball...

How To Turn a Minus Into a Plus
3. How To Turn a Minus Into a Plus

Arliss's thoughts of financing a corporate jet go awry.

Athletes ARE Role Models
4. Athletes ARE Role Models

Arliss loses a huge endorsement deal when a squeaky-clean client gets involved i...

What About The Fans
5. What About The Fans

A disgruntled hockey-team owner offers Arliss a tempting deal if he can help him...

The Company You Keep
6. The Company You Keep

Arliss is offered a huge sum of money to sell his firm after a run-in with a pow...

Crossing the Line
7. Crossing the Line

Arliss is tempted to represent a mediocre female tennis player after she gives h...

Colors of the Rainbow
8. Colors of the Rainbow

An innocent remark makes Arliss appear to be a racist and jeopardizes the signin...

Timing Is Everything
9. Timing Is Everything

Kirby talks Arliss into launching an indoor beach-volleyball league across the c...

The Client's Best Interest
10. The Client's Best Interest

Arliss uses his professional expertise to help him win a big-time rotisserie bas...

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
11. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

In the Season One finale, Arliss brings a hard-luck baseball hero to a home-shop...

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