Golden Life (HBO)

Golden Life (HBO)

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Shamed by his father's dying words, con man Attila Miklosi tries to go straight but eventually succumbs to pressure from his demanding wife Janka and his boss, Endre Hollos, and returns to his life of crime in this drama series. When his son tries to follow him into the criminal underworld, Attila questions if he will be able to shield the boy.


A con man tries to go straight but eventually succumbs to pressure and returns to his life of crime in Season 1 of this drama series.

Golden Life 01
1. Golden Life 01

Series premiere. After a particularly bad day, a con man decides to quit his cri...

Golden Life 02
2. Golden Life 02

Mira rebels against her parents' criminal lifestyle. Attila wants to change but ...

Golden Life 03
3. Golden Life 03

Attila gets a job with his brother, Tibor, but it's not enough for Janka, who wa...

Golden Life 04
4. Golden Life 04

Attila loses all his cash to one of Tibor's schemes and goes back to a life of c...

Golden Life 05
5. Golden Life 05

Mira wakes in detox. Attila gets ripped off while doing a job for Endre. Janka d...

Golden Life 06
6. Golden Life 06

Mark is expelled from school. Mira gets even with her boss. Janka finds the mone...

Golden Life 07
7. Golden Life 07

Attila confronts Endre but faces a tough choice as to how to avenge his son. Mar...

Golden Life 08
8. Golden Life 08

Season One Finale. When a situation goes south, Mark and Attila team up to save ...

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