Dios Inc. (HBO)
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Dios Inc. (HBO): 

A great discovery that could change the world--the origin of God--unleashes a battle for power in this series.

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A great discovery that could change the world--the origin of God--unleashes a battle for power in Season 1 of this series.

The Cave
1. The Cave

Series premiere. After a 10-year journey seeking the origin of God, Salvador Per...

Lifting the Veil
2. Lifting the Veil

Salvador discovers who Askar Hyrum is and undertakes a battle to expose him. Mea...

The Wrath of Indra
3. The Wrath of Indra

Salvador gets ahold of some information that would disrupt the Sons of Indra's p...

4. Crossroads

Dante sets up a center to compete with Askar and lure followers to his side.

The Flock
5. The Flock

A woman from the Indra community asks Salvador to help find her missing son. His...

The Holy Grail
6. The Holy Grail

Askar tightens control over his community and Salvador reorganizes his team, dec...

The Catacombs
7. The Catacombs

Salvador must make a powerful drug dealer his ally in order to survive in prison.

The Prodigal Son
8. The Prodigal Son

Areta risks her life to save her father; Salvador joins forces with Dante once again.

The Snake in the Garden
9. The Snake in the Garden

Salvador and his people plan a daring heist; Areta's identity is revealed.

30 Pieces of Silver
10. 30 Pieces of Silver

Salvador tries to negotiate Areta's release, but Askar won't give her up so easily.

11. Holocaust

In a last ditch effort to rescue his daughter, Salvador tries to team up with Askar.

12. Crucifixion

Season One Finale. To save his daughter and restore peace to the Sons of Indra, ...

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Dios Inc. (HBO)


action, drama, international, latino, original


1 Seasons Available (12 Episodes)

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About This Series

Dr. Salvador Pereyra has returned from a 10-year journey to the Middle East with a mind-blowing discovery: the tomb of Marduk, creator of the concept of God and whose teachings gave rise to the world's religions. But when his work is plagiarized by a dangerous sect, it's up to Salvador and a young sci-fi writer to stop the cult before it can spread.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Rafael Sánchez Navarro, Luis Arrieta, Fernando Lujan, Carlos Torrestorija, Isabel Burr, Dagoberto Gama, Rocio Verdejo, Emilio Guerrero, Concepcion Marquez, Max Kerlow

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