El Hipnotizador (The Hypnotist) (HBO)
2 Seasons

El Hipnotizador (The Hypnotist) (HBO): 

A talented hypnotist suffers from insomnia that hides a dark secret in this compelling HBO Latino series.

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A talented hypnotist suffers from insomnia that hides a dark secret in Season 1 of this compelling HBO Latino series.

The Yellow Ribbon
1. The Yellow Ribbon

Series Premiere. One of the new guests at Hotel Las Violetas is Arenas, a hypnot...

The Collector of Days
2. The Collector of Days

The mystery of a lost day in the life of travelling salesman Antunes Calambo int...

The Portrait of Adele
3. The Portrait of Adele

Arenas has a new case to solve involving an imposter; Luiz blackmails Suarez; an...

The Ivory Door
4. The Ivory Door

Arenas arrives at 'The Ivory Door,' where some of his deepest darkest dreams are...

The Mirror
5. The Mirror

Arenas is faced with Castor's magic mirror, in which he sees Livia being attacke...

The King of Strombolia
6. The King of Strombolia

Arenas is arrested, but the police give him a chance to get off if he helps them...

Where the Serpents Dream
7. Where the Serpents Dream

At Corelli's house, Arenas begins to discover the truth. During one of his hallu...

The Feather Pillow
8. The Feather Pillow

Season One Finale. A duel between the hypnotists leaves Darek in a coma. At long...

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El Hipnotizador (The Hypnotist) (HBO)


drama, fantasy-sci-fi, international, latino, original


2 Seasons Available (16 Episodes)

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About This Series

Natalio Arenas is a hypnotist who can put people into a trance and make them reveal their innermost secrets. But Natalio suffers from insomnia, which hides a secret of his own in this HBO Latino series. Based on the graphic novel, the show follows him as he lands a gig with a modest stage show. But in order to sleep, he must meet with his rival who gave him the insomnia.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Carla Quevedo, Daniel Hendler, Luis Machin, Chico Diaz

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