Magnifica 70 (HBO)

Magnifica 70 (HBO)

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Set in Sao Paulo in the 1970s, this series follows 35-year-old Vicente, a young government film censor whose fascination with a risque movie--and its lead actress--takes him out of his safe middle-class life and into the city's red-light district.


Set in 1970s Sao Paulo, Season 1 of this series follows a government film censor who is drawn to a risque movie--and its lead actress.

At Boco do Lixo
1. At Boco do Lixo

Series premiere. Federal censor Vicente bans a film called 'The Hot Student' but...

2. Screenplay

Vicente gives film producer Manolo an outline for a feature--a thinly veiled ver...

3. Production

Vicente tries his hand at directing; Manolo is called upon for censorship help b...

Main Cast
4. Main Cast

Dora's former partner-in-crime demands an acting role in return for her silence.

Principal Photography
5. Principal Photography

Neglectful at work, Vicente gets a talking to from his boss. Isabel confronts Vi...

Wrap Up
6. Wrap Up

Manolo takes over production when Vicente refuses to direct a kissing scene betw...

The End
7. The End

Dora reveals her criminal plans to Vicente, but then a fatal tragedy strikes.

8. Editing

Time is running out for Vicente to improve his film in the editing room.

Original Score
9. Original Score

Vicente receives upsetting news while lecturing in Brasilia with General Souto.

10. Censorship

General Souto threatens his daughter in an effort to guard a horrible secret. Me...

11. Premiere

The general suspects a communist has infiltrated the censorship office and looks...

Profit Sharing
12. Profit Sharing

Larsen's profit-stealing scheme doesn't go as planned and tragedy ensues. Meanwh...

The Magnificent
13. The Magnificent

Season One Finale. At his birthday dinner, General Souto gets backed into a corn...

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