True Detective (HBO)

True Detective (HBO)

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Touch darkness and darkness touches you. From HBO and creator/executive producer Nic Pizzolato comes this searing crime drama series that follows troubled cops and the intense investigations that drive them to the edge. Each season features a star-studded new cast involved in cases that will have you on the edge of your seat.


Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson play detectives determined to solve a macabre 1995 murder in Season 1 of this HBO series.

The Long Bright Dark
1. The Long Bright Dark

Series Premiere. The lead investigators in a macabre 1995 murder relive the case...

Seeing Things
2. Seeing Things

Under pressure to land a suspect, Cohle and Hart follow a lead to a cathouse and...

The Locked Room
3. The Locked Room

Cohle and Hart visit a tent revival in search of leads; Hart gets sidetracked at...

Who Goes There
4. Who Goes There

Hart and Cohle follow a series of dangerous leads in an effort to locate prime s...

The Secret Fate of All Life
5. The Secret Fate of All Life

Hart and Cohle share the spoils of a solved case; Papania and Gilbough confront ...

Haunted Houses
6. Haunted Houses

Maggie sheds light on Cohle's activities in 2002, when his relationship with Har...

After You've Gone
7. After You've Gone

Hart and Cohle forge a truce to probe a string of disappearances that tie to the...

Form and Void
8. Form and Void

Season One Finale. An overlooked detail provides Hart and Cohle with an importan...

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