Carnivale (HBO)

Carnivale (HBO)

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1934. The Dustbowl. In a time of sandstorms, plagues, drought and pestilence, the final conflict between good and evil is about to begin. This epic HBO series focuses on the battle as it plays out against a pair of unusual backdrops: a traveling carnival working the American Dustbowl circuit, and an evangelical ministry in California.


An epic battle of good vs. evil is fought against the backdrop of a carnival working the Dustbowl circuit in Season 1 of this series.

1. Milfay

In the pilot, 18-year-old Ben Hawkins is taken in by a traveling carnival and be...

After the Ball Is Over
2. After the Ball Is Over

A practical joke leads Ben to a piece of the puzzle that is his past.

3. Tipton

When a poor town refuses to let the carnival set up, Samson reinvents the troupe...

Black Blizzard
4. Black Blizzard

On the road to Babylon (Texas), the carnies come face-to-face with nature's fury.

5. Babylon

As Brother Justin tries to make sense of a major catastrophe, the carnival rolls...

Pick a Number
6. Pick a Number

Thirsty for payback, the carnies get caught up in a phenomenon known as 'Carniva...

The River
7. The River

While Brother Justin rediscovers his 'birthright,' his sister Iris gets some une...

Lonnigan, Texas
8. Lonnigan, Texas

Samson sends Ben on a road trip, where he encounters a longtime carny rival name...

9. Insomnia

Ben tries to stave off the torments of his dreams by staying awake, but the lack...

Hot and Bothered
10. Hot and Bothered

Brother Justin returns to Mintern to chart out a new direction for his ministry.

Day of the Dead
11. Day of the Dead

Lodz hatches a devious plan to 'reach' Ben, who is vulnerable after letting his ...

The Day That Was the Day
12. The Day That Was the Day

In the Season One finale, Ben faces a life-or-death crisis that prompts him to t...

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