Profugos (HBO)
1 Seasons

Profugos (HBO): 

Four men land in a tangled web of ambition and corruption after a drug-trafficking operation goes awry in this HBO Latino series.

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Four fugitives continue their search for freedom and justice as they are pursued by enemies and a corrupt government in Season 2.

Profugos 14
14. Profugos 14

Season Two Premiere. In hiding in the Atacama Desert with her new partner-in-cri...

Profugos 15
15. Profugos 15

Tegui and Vicente arrive in the Atacama Desert in time to spoil Laura's plans, b...

Profugos 16
16. Profugos 16

Alvaro and Vicente are caught by Freddy Ferragut, but manage to escape. But not ...

Profugos 17
17. Profugos 17

Freddy Ferragut seeks protection from the highest in the land, but when he is tu...

Profugos 18
18. Profugos 18

Two old enemies come together to hunt down the fugitives, who manage to escape f...

Profugos 19
19. Profugos 19

The fugitives are buried beneath a landslide and travel into the past, while out...

Profugos 20
20. Profugos 20

A major rescue operation reveals the secret agreements made by politicians, whil...

Profugos 21
21. Profugos 21

The fugitives split up and plan to meet again close to Santiago, while Alvaro ar...

Profugos 22
22. Profugos 22

Agent Bravo is getting closer to the truth, but once again Freddy Ferragut manag...

Profugos 23
23. Profugos 23

Agent Bravo is getting close to the truth, while the fugitives are accelerating ...

Profugos 24
24. Profugos 24

Their enemy is closing in, but Freddy Ferragut is still hoping to rebuild his em...

Profugos 25
25. Profugos 25

After closing the deal to sell the poppy, the Ferraguts think they are in the cl...

Profugos 26
26. Profugos 26

Tegui and Vicente arrive in the Atacama Desert in time to spoil Laura's plans, b...

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Profugos (HBO)


action, crime, drama, international, latino, original


1 Seasons Available (26 Episodes)

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About This Series

When a high-stakes drug-trafficking operation beginning at the Bolivia-Chile border goes awry, four men find themselves fugitives in a tangled web of ambition and corruption. This HBO Latino series chronicles the story of the four men, along with the real players behind the business, in a gripping yarn in which everyone has a secret past and no one is who they appear to be.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Alfredo Castro, Néstor Cantillana, Blanca Lewin, Antonia Zegers, Francisco Melo, Roberto Farias

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