Capadocia (HBO)
3 Seasons

Capadocia (HBO): 

In a Mexico City women's prison, attorney Teresa Lagos fights for inmate's rights and against corruption in this drama series.

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In a Mexico City women's prison, attorney Teresa Lagos fights for inmate's rights and against corruption in Season One of this series.

1. Genesis

In the pilot of this series, attorney Teresa Lagos fights for the inmates in Cap...

2. Exodo

The extraordinary beauty of an inmate known as 'The Columbian' lands her under t...

El Sacrificio
3. El Sacrificio

Young Sofia faces hard time. Later, a fight erupts at Capadocia that leads to co...

The Sorrowful Mother
4. The Sorrowful Mother

Inmates old and new have tragic family stories to tell; a Mother's Day party end...

The Prodigal Son
5. The Prodigal Son

Lorena's sentencing prompts Teresa to face the judge; the Colombian puts everyth...

The Fallen Angel
6. The Fallen Angel

The Colombian's escape wreaks havoc; Teresa gets Lorena's case reopened, but fig...

Capital Sin
7. Capital Sin

Bambi plans on Lorena's help in a drug operation; Teresa learns the identity of ...

Saints for Sinners
8. Saints for Sinners

Santiago learns the truth about Teresa; Daniel spurns Andrea; Teresa resigns her...

The Good Samaritan
9. The Good Samaritan

While outside of Capadocia, Teresa becomes interested in defending an indigenous...

Mary Magdalene
10. Mary Magdalene

While the human drama in Capadocia intensifies, Burian starts tackling with his ...

The Chosen One
11. The Chosen One

Former madame Zaide gets her ex-clients in the higher courts to pull some string...

Forgive Our Sins
12. Forgive Our Sins

Andrea is caught vandalizing a jewelry shop with a man, destroying display cases...

Paradise Lost
13. Paradise Lost

When the security video falls into the hands of the Governor's enemies, a warran...

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Capadocia (HBO)


drama, international, latino, original


3 Seasons Available (39 Episodes)

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About This Series

In a Mexico City women's prison where corruption runs rampant, attorney Teresa Lagos fights for rehabilitation and inmates' rights...while facing a plan to use the prisoners for manuel labor. Ana de la Reguera, Dolores Heredia, Juan Manuel Bernal and Cecilia Suarez star in this drama series.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Dolores Heredia, Juan Manuel Bernal, Marco Treviño, Cecilia Suarez, Aida López, Lisa Owen, Alejandro Camacho, Marco Antonio Trevino, Cristina Umana, Ana de la Reguera

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