Flight of the Conchords (HBO)

Flight of the Conchords (HBO)

Everything You Love in One Place

A New Zealand folk-parody duo move to New York's East Village to conquer America, one fan (literally) at a time in this comedy series.

Starring: Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie


New Zealand Folk Parody Duo Jemaine and Bret arrive in New York City ready to conquer America in Season One of this musical-comedy series.

1. Sally

(Series permiere) New Zealanders Bret and Jemaine--a.k.a. Flight of the Conchord...

Bret Gives up the Dream
2. Bret Gives up the Dream

Bret's commitment to his new day job forces Jemaine to search for a more reliabl...

3. Mugged

Bret loses Jemaine's trust by abandoning him to a 'gang' of two, and fears the w...

4. Yoko

Bret's girlfriend Coco threatens the Conchords' fragile chemistry, not to mentio...

Sally Returns
5. Sally Returns

Jemaine reconnects with the girl who dumped him (and Bret); Murray finds investm...

6. Bowie

A body-conscious Bret gets dream advice from a rock idol; Murray pitches a Conch...

Drive By
7. Drive By

Bret and Jemaine arm themselves for a war with a fruit vendor; Murray falls for ...

8. Girlfriends

Bret and Jemaine have very different dating experiences. Meanwhile, Murray makes...

What Goes On Tour
9. What Goes On Tour

Using the band's emergency fund, Murray organizes a warm-up tour to prepare for ...

New Fans
10. New Fans

The Conchords triple their fan base after playing a local music jam, but Mel is ...

The Actor
11. The Actor

Bret and Jemaine enlist a semi-professional actor to cheer up Murray after a dis...

The Third Conchord
12. The Third Conchord

In the Season One Finale, Murray foists a new bongo-playing band member on Bret ...

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