Sr. Avila (HBO)

4 Seasons

A middle-class family man hides a secret life as the head of an organization of contract killers in this drama series.

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A middle-class family man hides a secret life as the head of an organization of contract killers in this drama series.

Surprise Party
1. Surprise Party

Avila is a married insurance salesman whose harmless facade conceals a ruthlessl...

By the Book
2. By the Book

Sr. Moreira, Avila's boss, orders a new contract kill which will prove to be the...

A Lousy Job
3. A Lousy Job

Avila accepts Sr. Moreira's proposal of taking over the business. This includes ...

A Stranger in the Mirror
4. A Stranger in the Mirror

With increasing pressure on all sides, Avila seeks out his confessor and reveals...

Sr. Avila
5. Sr. Avila

Newly in charge, 'Senor Avila' learns that with his title comes new problems and...

Reliquaries and Vampires
6. Reliquaries and Vampires

Sr. Avila struggles with his first case as boss, while Ismael rises to the occasion.

To Kill an Immortal
7. To Kill an Immortal

After learning of his son's possible criminal involvement, Sr. Avila wonders whe...

God's Whims
8. God's Whims

With Detective Sanchez hot on their trail, Emiliano reveals the whole truth to I...

The Child and the Spiderweb
9. The Child and the Spiderweb

Avila hands off an assignment to Tamara, a killer on the payroll who wants to re...

Neither Borges, Nor God
10. Neither Borges, Nor God

As Sr. Avila worries about his latest assignment, Ivan sets out to learn what Is...

Freud and Ghosts
11. Freud and Ghosts

Maria discovers shocking truths about her husband and son, who join forces and i...

That Day
12. That Day

Sr. Avila jeopardizes his freedom by taking matters into his own hands as a desp...

A Child's Gaze
13. A Child's Gaze

(Season One Finale) Sr. Avila faces threats from all sides and must decide how t...

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action, crime, drama, international, latino, original


4 Seasons Available (43 Episodes)

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Sr. Avila (HBO)

Sr. Avila is a middle-class life-insurance salesman, doting husband and father. He is also a cunning hit man. When he decides to head an organization of contract killers, the thin veil between his ordinary and hidden lives wears quickly. In this seedy underworld of hired crime, every entanglement falls into the hands of Sr. Avila--who must decide who stays and who goes.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Tony Dalton, Carlos Aragon, Camila Selser, Michel Brown, Juan Carlos Remolina, Eduardo Arroyuelo, Axel Ricco, Hernan Mendoza, Martijn Kuiper, Nailea Norvind, Adrián Alonso, Jorge Caballero, Emilio Guerrero

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