Hijos del Carnaval (Sons of the Carnival) (HBO)

Hijos del Carnaval (Sons of the Carnival) (HBO)

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Anesio Gebara is well known in Rio de Janeiro: he owns a samba school and he bankrolls an illegal lottery. This drama series follows this man--who is seen throughout the city as a mob boss and probable drug trafficker--his family and his complicated relationship with his sons.

Starring: Jece Valadao, Enrique Diaz, Rodrigo dos Santos, Thogun, Felipe Camargo, Mariana Lima, Roberta Rodrigues, Shirley Cruz, Walmor Chagas, Carlos Alberto Riccelli, Maria Manoella, Gustavo Falcao, Felipe Wagner, Heslaine Vieira, Vitor Nicolau Thire


Anesio Gebara owns a Rio samba school and bankrolls an illegal lottery in this series that follows his life and his family.

Hijos del Carnaval 01
1. Hijos del Carnaval 01

Rio De Janeiro. The world of a Brazilian gambling boss is shaken after a mysteri...

Hijos del Carnaval 02
2. Hijos del Carnaval 02

After the suicide of the beloved eldest son Anesinho, the three remaining brothe...

Hijos del Carnaval 03
3. Hijos del Carnaval 03

With Carnaval on its way, the brothers are deeper into conflict. A young drug-us...

Hijos del Carnaval 04
4. Hijos del Carnaval 04

'Lion, the King of the Animals.' After a sale goes awry, Claudinho is forced to ...

Hijos del Carnaval 05
5. Hijos del Carnaval 05

'Bear Hug.' Joel murders a man to protect Nilo; Claudinho questions the loyalty ...

Hijos del Carnaval 06
6. Hijos del Carnaval 06

'Elephant, the Animal That Never Forgets.' The Gebara family's problems come to ...

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