Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver hosts this 30-minute comedy series that takes a satirical look at the week in news, politics and current events.

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Comedian John Oliver returns for Season 8 of his acclaimed half-hour series.

August 22, 2021: Afghanistan
231. August 22, 2021: Afghanistan

John Oliver discusses the end of America’s war with Afghanistan; plus, how two s...

September 12, 2021: Lukashenko
232. September 12, 2021: Lukashenko

John Oliver discusses the longtime leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko; plus...

September 26, 2021: Voting Rights
233. September 26, 2021: Voting Rights

A look at the current attacks on voting rights; plus, how migrants were treated ...

October 3, 2021: PFAS
234. October 3, 2021: PFAS

John Oliver discusses PFAS—a class of chemicals linked to an array of health iss...

October 10, 2021: Misinformation
235. October 10, 2021: Misinformation

A look at how misinformation spreads among immigrant diaspora communities; plus,...

October 24, 2021: Taiwan
236. October 24, 2021: Taiwan

Taiwan’s history of being governed by other countries, and its relationship with...

October 31, 2021: Homelessness
237. October 31, 2021: Homelessness

With homelessness increasing nationwide, John Oliver examines the way we discuss...

November 7, 2021: The Power Grid
238. November 7, 2021: The Power Grid

John Oliver discusses the state of the nation’s power grid; plus, how world lead...

November 14, 2021: Union Busting
239. November 14, 2021: Union Busting

John Oliver discusses union busting, and why companies who do it face so few con...

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About This Series

One of the funniest, most refreshing personalities to hit the TV scene in years, John Oliver comes to HBO in this series that takes a topical look at the week in news, politics and current events. Each show offers Oliver a unique platform to offer his distinct perspective on issues facing the world today while also featuring a variety of special guests and segments.

Cast and Crew

Starring: John Oliver, Steve Buscemi, Ryan Barger, David Kaye, Hannah Crane, Brian Cox, Jennifer Barnhart, Mason Pettit, Tim Meadows, Michael Torpey, Alexandra Dickson, Matt Pavich, Connor Ratliff, Rob Riggle, Christopher McDonald, Alex Knight, Rob Corddry, P.L. Brown, Pam Murphy, Chris Parnell, Susan Evans, Cassandra Morris, Ali Barthwell, H. Jon Benjamin, Cardi B, Brian Baumgartner, George Clooney, Jennifer Coolidge, Will Ferrell, Leslie Jones, Ru Paul, Danny DeVito

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