Band of Brothers (HBO)

Band of Brothers (HBO)

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They were ordinary men, swept up in the most extraordinary conflict in history. This landmark ten-part miniseries based on Stephen E. Ambrose's best-seller recounts the remarkable achievements of an elite team of U.S. paratroopers whose World War II exploits are as incredible as they are true.

Starring: Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston, Donnie Wahlberg, Kirk Acevedo, Shane Taylor, David Schwimmer, Neal McDonough, Peter O'Meara, Jimmy Fallon, Colin Hanks, Eion Bailey, Marc Warren


. Bastogne

The men of Easy Company fend off frostbite, hunger and the enemy while holding t...

The Breaking Point
. The Breaking Point

After the winter, Easy Company must take the town of Foy despite an incompetent ...

. Carentan

On D-Day plus two, the scattered men of Easy Company regroup and prepare to take...

. Crossroads

Lt. Winters leads a contingent on a risky mission over a Dutch dike while the re...

. Currahee

Two days before the Allied invasion of Normandy, Lts. Winters and Nixon reflect ...

Day of Days
. Day of Days

D-Day. Due to German flak, the tense men of Easy Company are dropped all over th...

The Patrol
. The Patrol

Easy Company is ordered to send a patrol to take enemy prisoners in the Alsatian...

. Points

In the concluding episode, Winters leads Easy Company to take the Eagle's Nest--...

. Replacements

Back in England, Easy Company's D-Day veterans heal and get acquainted with gree...

Why We Fight
. Why We Fight

Arriving in Germany, the men discover an abandoned Nazi concentration camp still...

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