Project Greenlight (HBO)

Project Greenlight (HBO)

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Executive produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, this documentary series chronicles a contest that awards an unknown with a chance to make a feature film.


Season 4 takes a revealing, uncensored look at the challenges facing director Jason Mann as he makes his first feature film.

Do You Want to Direct This Movie?
26. Do You Want to Direct This Movie?

Thirteen finalists meet with the 'Project Greenlight' judges, who weigh each con...

Going Rogue
27. Going Rogue

Jason faces time and budget constraints, and pitches his own script to replace t...

Gun to Your Head
28. Gun to Your Head

Jason and the production team move forward with casting and face location challe...

Duly Noted
29. Duly Noted

Jason faces a decision that could impact his film's schedule, and continues to s...

Picture's Up
30. Picture's Up

Jason struggles with a tight schedule as shooting begins; Effie and Marc are for...

The Pivot
31. The Pivot

Jason and the crew shoot the most expensive scene of the film thus far, and prep...

Accident Waiting to Happen
32. Accident Waiting to Happen

The team grows frustrated that Jason has not chosen a location for the final sce...

Hug and Release
33. Hug and Release

Season Four Finale. After getting feedback on his cut, Jason works feverishly to...

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