Big Love (HBO)

Big Love (HBO)

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In Season One, a polygamist businessman (Bill Paxton) faces many challenges in meeting the needs of his three wives and seven children.

1. Pilot

In the series premiere, polygamist Bill Henrickson juggles his business demands ...

Viagra Blue
2. Viagra Blue

Bill compensates for rising demands at home, and looks for protection from Roman...

Home Invasion
3. Home Invasion

Nicki plans an extravagant birthday party for her son Wayne, to Bill's chagrin.

4. Eclipse

Bill searches for answers to an unsettling dream; the family has its hands full ...

5. Affair

Bill and Barb's behavior arouses Nicki's suspicions; Bill and Don dig for dirt o...

7. Eviction

Roman gives the Henrickson clan his answer to Bill's proposal; Barb uncovers Nic...

8. Easter

Bill's household gets a lot more crowded; Franklin indulges his bad habits; Roma...

A Barbecue for Betty
9. A Barbecue for Betty

Nicki drops a bombshell on Bill; Don falls hard for Betty; a vote-obsessed Marge...

The Baptism
10. The Baptism

Bill and family plan for Teenie's baptism; Bill attempts to infiltrate Roman's U...

Where There's a Will
11. Where There's a Will

Barb, Nicki and Margene mull over custody scenarios; Bill is recruited by an inf...

The Ceremony
12. The Ceremony

In the Season One finale, Wanda causes more trouble with Roman, and Barb attends...

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