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From Afghanistan to North Korea to Thailand and beyond, some of the most shocking, compelling and entertaining news stories go unreported by the mainstream media--but not by VICE. Journalist/entrepreneur Shane Smith and his taboo-breaking team of correspondents deliver hard-hitting and often incredible stories from the most dangerous places on earth.

Starring: Shane Smith, Ryan Duffy, Thomas Morton, Suroosh Alvi, Ben Anderson, David Choe, Vikram Gandhi, Gelareh Kiazand, Milene Larsson, Gianna Toboni, Isobel Yeung, Hamilton Morris, Tania Rashid, Danny Gold, Simon Ostrovsky, Kaj Larsen, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Angelina Fanous, Taylor Wilson, Cord Jefferson, Wilbert Cooper, Aris Roussinos, Ben Ferguson, Charlet Duboc, Michael Kenneth Williams, Elle Reeve, Michael Moynihan, Krishna Andavolu, Dexter Thomas


The taboo-breaking team from VICE deliver incredible news stories from around the world in Season 1 of this HBO series.

Killer Kids
1. Killer Kids

Political assassinations in the Philippines; Taliban-supported child suicide bom...

Bad Borders
2. Bad Borders

Desperate defectors flee North Korea; Kashmir's line of control--the world's mos...

Guns & Ammo
3. Guns & Ammo

Armed preparedness in a New Mexico school; the human toll of post-war toxic wast...

Love & Rockets
4. Love & Rockets

The plight of desperate bachelors in China; ultra-extreme reactions to the econo...

Winners & Losers
5. Winners & Losers

Exiled sons of polygamists; fat farms for Mauritanian women; haves and have-nots...

6. Corruption

How China's appetite for housing created huge ghost cities; the violent aftermat...

7. Addiction

Tobacco obsession in Indonesia; treating heroin addiction with hallucinogens in ...

Fighting Chances
8. Fighting Chances

The laamb-wrestling phenomenon in Senegal; rising sea levels in Venice, the Mald...

Gangs & Oil
9. Gangs & Oil

Out-of-control gang violence in Chicago; the high human cost of oil piracy in Ni...

The Hermit Kingdom
10. The Hermit Kingdom

VICE makes history on a trip to North Korea to play hoops and meet with supreme ...

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