Reign of the Superwomen

Tracking 80 years of female superheroes – from Miss Fury to Captain Marvel and beyond – this French documentary explores these characters’ indelible impact and the push for increased diversity from comic book authors, artists, and fans.

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About This Movie

An illuminating look back through 80 years of comic book history, this French documentary spotlights super-powered women through the ages. While many early heroines were depicted as sidekicks, today’s audiences have grown to expect characters that better reflect reality. Hearing from comic book artists, academics, and cosplayers in France, Italy, and the U.S., Reign of the Superwomen (Le règne des super-héroïnes) explores the move toward more diverse and inclusive characters, a progression that has also been marked by sexist backsteps. Filled with surprising details and little-known facts, the film reveals the origins and evolution of iconic female superheroes and supervillains alike, including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Storm, Poison Ivy, Captain Marvel, and many more.

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