There Is No "I" In Threesome

Zoe and Ollie are in love - freshly engaged and maintaining a long distance relationship. Sexually explorative and in a daze of pre-marital bliss, the pair decide to throw traditional rules out the window by opening up their relationship, before tying the knot. What could go wrong? The couple document their unconventional and intimate journey into non-monogamy, but when relationship lines blur, Ollie and Zoe are forced to face the dramatic implications of their decision. THERE IS NO “I” IN THREESOME is a modern-day love story, exploring the ups, downs and surprises of an open relationship.

Monogamy isn’t for everyone…and open relationships aren’t either. Watch these reactions to Ollie and Zoe’s story. These couples and friends discuss the complexities of love – and react to this tantalizing documentary.