Horror Movies

From slasher films to psychological thrillers, watch your favorite horror movies and more on HBO Max. Start your free trial to explore our full collection of scary movies which includes the featured titles below as well as hundreds of other titles across all genres.

Slasher Films

House of Wax
Wes Craven's New Nightmare
Jeepers Creepers (HBO)
The Hitcher (HBO)

Classic Horror 

The Exorcist
Leprechaun (HBO)
Night of the Living Dead

Suspenseful Movies

Doctor Sleep (HBO)
Lights Out (HBO)
It: Chapter 2 (HBO)

Sci-Fi Horror

Alien (HBO)
War of the Worlds (HBO)
The Blob
The X from Outer Space

Monster Movies

Deep Blue Sea
Jaws (HBO)
Planet of the Apes (HBO)

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