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Intentionality Fuels a Redefined Fan Experience

As we uncovered in our first report Welcome to the Age of Intentionalism, consumers are being more purposeful — and the way in which they engage with what they love is transforming into what we now call Fanhoods.

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of Gen Z and Millennials agree “Fanhoods are my happy place when life is bringing me down”

WarnerMedia’s Age of Intentionalism Report, April 2021

Bring your brand into a new dimension where it's not just attention captured, but an authentic connection with self-identified fanhoods that engage with intent and purpose.

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Fanhoods: The Fan Experience Rewritten is the second in our series of cultural and behavioral research reports.

Want to learn more about what’s fueling consumers' mindsets in this new fan culture? Check out the Insights from our first report Welcome to the Age of Intentionalism below.


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The Time When Time Broke

Our disillusionment with time has led to a reawakening - and at its core, consumers are leading with intent.

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Enter the Age of Intentionalism

From rabbit hole binging to doomscrolling, a new day has dawned where people are intentionally choosing how they spend their time.

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Becoming a Positive Force

Brands have the power to tell meaningful stories when they partner with a platform that delivers purposeful products, allowing advertising to be additive to the consumer experience.

Honing the Hybrid Life

Audiences choose their content based on a desire to escape, seeking meaningful stories that blur their real and virtual lives. 

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Watch the webinar to see what 'intentionalism' means for brands now and in the future.

Ready to get intentional and enter the fanhood?